The Start of the Contour Shawl by The Crochet Project

I fell in love with this shawl while on a nosy through Ravelry for something different to try. I’ve been on a cushion kick lately and wanted something more delicate to work on (and possibly even something for myself at the end!).

Contour Shawl
(c) Kat Goldin

If you follow me over on Instagram you will know that I love to crochet scarves and blankets, they are definitely my main go to’s. But they can also be bulky and chunky. I wanted something lighter, especially now that Spring is suppose to be on the way (you are welcome anytime now Spring).

As I said, I fell for this pattern by The Crochet Project. To be honest all of their shawls are gorgeous and to choose just one is a task in itself. But as I had never made a shawl before and as I was using 4 ply yarn instead of my usual double knit, aran or chunky, I though something a little simpler made more sense to start with.

So pattern was all picked now for the yarn. I never used 4 ply yarn before and was a little overwhelmed by the choice that I had. I want something a little extra special and set my heart on a hand dyed yarn. Well I couldn’t have been more happier with what I picked. I have followed GamerCrafting for quite a while now and love all her yarn. She uses inspiration from Super Hero’s to make up her dye colours (which is a win in this household!). The dye colour I choose was Lumpy Space which is 75% merino, 20% nylon and 5% sparkle. I could have squealed so loud when I got the parcel in the post. PURPLE, PINK & SPARKLES what more could I have asked for. Absolutely gorgeous.


About a week ago I took the plunge and started the shawl. I was very apprehensive about starting it. What if I made a mess? What if i ruined the yarn? What if it doesn’t turn out like the picture? As you can see there are a lot of what ifs there and I don’t know why I felt like this, I’m not new to crochet and can read a pattern, but I was just scared of mucking the whole gorgeous thing up.


Anyhow I am well into it now and enjoying every minute of using this beautiful yarn, on this stunning shawl and I haven’t messed up yet!


If you keep an eye over on Instragram I’ll be putting updates of how the shawl is coming along there.

Until next time

Heather xx



March is Crochet Month – Isn’t Every Month??

If you have been scrolling through Instagram this past week, you may have thought that we had time travelled back to December instead of it being March. With places in the UK and Europe having many feet of snow. But no, it was the ‘Beast from the East’ taking it’s toll. Thankfully here in Northern Ireland we got away not too bad, apart from it being freezing most of the week.

With it being so cold and being cooped up inside, what more of an excuse would we have needed to pick up our hook or needles. Well it also turns out that March is Crochet Month!! Again not that I think any of us need an excuse to rifle through our yarn stash and get another WIP on the go.

This month I started another cushion as I got the beautiful Sushi Cushion all finished (with zip might I add, so pleased with myself!)

Sushi Cushion

The new cushion is from a pattern on Attic24’s website and is the blossom cushion. If you click here it will take you to the pattern instruction on Lucy’s beautiful site. I spent a good bit of time picking out colours, using the tried and trusted Style Craft Special DK. I even stocked up my shelves as they had started to look slightly bare of late (imagine, how did I let that happen??) to make sure that I had all the colours (and more) that I needed.


As I got further into the cushion I was a bit unsure of my colour choices as it is slightly darker than I anticipated. Although I adore lovely bright bold colour ways, I usually have a few light colours to contrast with the darker, to give it a bit of a lift. But the more that I work on it, the more I have come to like the beautifully bright rainbow colours.


At the moment I’m waiting on the cushion filler to be delivered, so I have made the size I think should fit OK and have made a start on the back panel of the cushion. I haven’t decided how to close the cushion up. On the Attic24 tutorial Lucy closes the cushion up the whole way around, but to be honest I use a duck feather filler and I like to get the cushion out to give the cover a wash every now and again, so at the moment I’m thinking maybe I can get buttons sewn in. But we’ll see.

Still a few more rounds to go.

I also have another little project which I might be starting this week, but I’ll tell you all about that next week (it’s got hand dyed sparkly yarn!!!).

Until next time.

Heather xx

Comfy Cozy Crochet Spot

OK, so we all have our favourite crochet spot, don’t we? No matter where it may be, on the sofa, in bed, in the car, at your child’s swimming practice. It’s just somewhere that you know that you can sit/lay down and have a few minutes to work on whatever has took your fancy.

My spot is between two places. The main spot is my sofa at home. My scissors, stitch markers and needle all sit there and don’t move (that how everyone knows its my seat). My basket also sits down by the side within easy reach of new yarn, or maybe another wip, just in case I get a bit bored and decide to change things up a bit.


My other spot is at work. I never leave home without something to crochet during my breaks. Whether it be my latest project (I have been known to bring full size blankets with me) or just a few ball of cotton to play around with. I use to sit and look through the news websites at lunch, but to be honest, the news is never good so instead I content myself with my crochet and it passes the time with a lot more joy.


I do take my crochet with me when I’m in the car, but I usually end up never doing anything with it, as I’m too busy nosying out the car window.

But I have to admit that my main spot is my favourite spot. It is what the title says, comfy and cozy. I can get the foot stool over and one of blankets wrapped around me and I could sit there for hours, if there wasn’t people to feed and washing to do!

Tell me what is your favourite place to do your craft?

Until next time

Heather xx

Finding My Lost Crojo

So last year was a bit of a bummer. I truly lost my crojo at the start of the year and try as I may, it just didn’t return to the desired level until the end of the year, and even into the start of this year if I be truthful.

I tried to pick projects that I really wanted to work on and get finished, but usually while half way through, I lost my way and they ended up in the corner with the other WIPs that had already ended the same way.


As the year progressed I went back and forth and I did managed to get some of them finished. And I am so proud of these ones!!! (The white blanket is sitting pride of place in our living room). When I am picking projects I always try and go for nice bright colours, and I think this helped as the colours usually picked me up and help me to spend a few hours in my own little world of wool.

At the end of last year I joined in with the #bestnine over on Instagram, and wow, the colours in this group of nine photographs were glorious. I see now how they helped me through the year.


I do love my bright bold colours and I hope to be posting all my new project and ideas here more regularly as well. This is to keep you updated and me accountable on what I’m suppose to be doing. So hope to see you back here soon.


Until next time

Heather xx


My Reading List for the Next While

I have always loved to read; Roald Dahl, Enid Blyton when I was small and Stephen King when I was, what I though, a totally grown up teen (usually scared to move when I turned the light off)!

Over the last few years I have let my reading slip and haven’t read as much as I would like. I was in a reading group at the local library and thoroughly enjoyed it, as I read books that I would never have even looked at before, and also met and enjoyed the company of people which I would probably have never came across either. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to go to it for a good few months now, but I really am going to put the effort in to starting back next month!

Anyhow, after my rambling here are a list of a few books which I have read already this year and a list of other ones which I want to read over the year. Making this list I have discovered that this could be a year of re-reads. Most of the books that I am planning on re-reading I have come by by chance, so have took that as a sign that they are to be read again. (I buy most of my books from charity shops or look out for them on Amazon at 1p).

So, to start, here are the books that I have already read this year (not as many as I had hoped, but it’s a start).










I enjoyed each of the books for different reasons. The Last Minute by Eleanor Updale is a quick read and when you get to the end of each chapter it just makes you want to read on. I am not fast reader but if you have a spare afternoon I think you could finish this book in one sitting!

The Thread by Victoria Hislop is so beautifully written, when reading it you could be sitting on the sea front in the Greek town with the sound of waves in your ears and the feel of warm sun on your face. This book is about the Second World War and how it effected the whole, of what was at the start a small village, to after the war was over. A absolutely stunning read.

ABC Murders – Agatha Christie, need I say more. I love Agatha Christie and had this book read over about 3 nights.

I adore Tudor history and could read about it forever (and there possibly would be enough books out there about it to do just that). Bess was a formidable lady during Queen Elizabeth I reign. She came from practically nothing, to being the richest women in England (bar the queen). A fascinating ensight into a truly amazing lady’s life.

And now to my list of what is to be read over the however many number of months it takes me (I did say I was slow reader).









A Thousand Splendid Suns and The Hare with Amber Eyes are top of my re-read list, along with The Book Thief and The Poisonwood Bible. And of course another Tudor book, The Six Wives of Henry VIII by Antonia Fraser.

There are also loads of new books which I’m including on the list, these include –

  • Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close – Jonathan Safran Foer
  • Burnt Shadow – Kamila Shamsie
  • The Travelling Hornplayer – Barbara Trapido
  • Death Comes to Pemberley – PD James

As you an see my nights and weekends are going to be pretty fully for the next while. I will give you an update as and when I get the books finished.

Also please let me know what books you enjoy and you tend to go back to over and over again, and also if you have any recommendation on new books feel free to leave a comment, and I will check them out.

See you soon xx



What I’ve Been Up To

What gorgeous weather we are having here in Northern Ireland! We just can’t believe our luck, especially as it was the May Bank Holiday yesterday and we could get out and about, instead of sitting in the house watching the rain hit the windows!

Well things here at Bean and Beth have been quite hectic as of late with one thing and loads of others. I though I would do a little blog post to bring you up to speed with what has been and is going on. I still have my Etsy shops (Bean and Beth, and Bean and Beth Vintage), although at the moment I have my handmade shop closed as I try to decide what direction I want to go with it. I love making my crocheted items but finding time to do so has been really hard lately and when I do crochet, I like to do it for the fun not to try and meet deadlines. I am also trying other sewing projects (just for fun mind you), and I am happy so far as I have not stitched my hand to anything yet (although there is away time).


I also have my eBay shop still open and have been trying to keep on top of it! I even decided to get an accountant for last year (how grown up is that), as figures are not my strong point. So the boot sales are in full swing again. Saturday mornings are all about early starts, coffee stops on the way there, freezing our heads off walking around the sale and usually coming home with approximately 6 things (it was actually 3 pairs of shoes last weekend, I did despair a bit!), but I suppose this is having the full reseller experience.


So that’s what I’m up to at the moment. Over the next wee while I am hoping to share with you my crocheting, sewing, baking and over course reselling stories with you with photos and everything (I’m getting very tech savvy!!).

See you soon!



My Feet Haven’t Touched the Ground!

My goodness, I know it’s a clique but doesn’t time just fly!. We are already 3 weeks into the Summer holidays here and before we know it, it will be August and all the back to school crap that goes with it. Shoes, pencil cases, school bags, auughhh!

Since my last blog post (which seems to have been light years ago (my apologies)) I have been up to so much and have been a right busy bee (and sometimes a right tired and anxious mare). So what have I been up to? Well, at the end of last year I started a handmade Etsy shop, then at the start of this year I started a vintage Etsy shop, and an Ebay shop. This has all been on top of my full time job!! My feet haven’t really touched the ground in last 6 months, to be honest, and the dust and ironing pile is just growing higher (nothing new there then).

Bean (2)

Ok, let me tell you a bit about each shop, so you have an idea what I’m up to and that I’m not just swinging the lead, browsing Etsy for pretty shiny pink things (not that that would every happen, hem hem!). In my handmade shop I started by making things that I like myself, planner clips and fabric flower brooches. Now I still make these, just not to the same extent, as I am trying to add more crocheted items to the shop. I make crocheted baby blankets and accessories. I found crochet last year and have taken to it like a duck to water. There is always some form of crochet happening each night.


Then there is the vintage Etsy shop. This as you can tell sells all vintage items, mostly from the 70’s and 80’s and some a little further back than that. I enjoy selling these items as I love everything I buy and would happily keep it all. Although I think I might just need a house twice the size of the one we are in at the moment to house it all.


And lastly there is Ebay. This is the one I spend most of the time on. My Saturday morning lie ins has been swapped for early morning elbowing at the car boot sales. Now I am not usually a morning person, but when it come to Saturday morning I am up and out of the house for 7.30am and at the car boot for around 8.00am. The most surprising thing of this little part of my adventure is the husband (Paul) has now jointed in on these Saturday morning trips. I’m still questioning my decision to let him come with me, as the last time he ended up coming home with ramps for his car, and today he came home with a 1990’s stereo with turntable (where the hell that’s going I don’t know!)

So that’s what I have been up to. Now that I’m back I hope to keep you updated with all the going on’s that are happening. So keep an eye out for new handmade stuff, anything vintage that I turn up at the car boots and other daily shenanigans.

See you soon